Where we started

C&J Miniature Ranch (previously Purdy Petite Farm) is a family owned ranch located in the historic town of Surry, VA. It is owned and operated by Cara and Jacob Epps along with our two children Charlotte and Jaybre - which is who we named our ranch after. After having our children we decided we needed a more family oriented name and since the ranch is for them and the legacy we want to leave them with, we thought it best to use ours and their initials.

I'm Cara, the mom/wife/founder of our ranch. My husband and I have been together since freshman year of high school! We grew up in our small town of Surry with both of our families owning farms. His family owns a dairy farm and mine are crop farmers. We spent everyday after school and every weekend on his family farm and always talked about having our own. I bought my first pair of mini pigs in 2011 and have been perfecting my mini pig program since. Fast forward to 2017 when we got married and bought our 20 acre homestead. We got lucky enough to be able to purchase the farmhouse his grandma had owned many years ago. We have been remodeling, updating, and making it our own ever since. We got a call only a few month after being in our home asking to take in an orphaned calf, man-oh-man did that spark a fire in my soul! After bottle raising him and lots of research we decided to make the leap into breeding miniature cattle. We have added miniature babydoll sheep, miniature goat, chickens, miniature horses, miniature donkeys, and miniature lionhead rabbits to our humble abode. We now lease an additional 30 acres to 
accommodate all of our beloved animals.
We are located in the tiny county of Surry, VA